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Customs Clearance and Consultancy Services that clear the way.

At All Ports International Logistics services, we offer Customs Clearance to accommodate all importers. We offer a complete in-house Customs Brokerage service with licensed Customs Brokers on hand to provide expert advice and to facilitate the swift clearance of your goods through Customs.

Our licensed Customs Brokers have advanced knowledge of Australian Border Force requirements and DAWR Quarantine regulations. We also offer Tariff and Free Trade Agreement advice and ensure that all entries are completed accurately and submitted electronically and on time.

Our Customs services include:

  • Licensed In-House Customs Brokers.
  • DAWR Quarantine Clearances and Compliance Advice.
  • Fully integrated IT system with EDI connection to Customs.
  • Air/Sea/Parcel Post Customs Clearances.
  • Customs Broker Attendance at Inspections and Surveys.
  • Tariff Consultation Advice and Tariff Concession Applications.
  • Free Trade Agreement Guidance.
  • Duty Drawback and Refund Applications.
  • Centralised National Clearance via Optional Port Lodgement (OPL)
  • Anti-Dumping Inquiries.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Duty payments to Customs.
  • Duty/GST Consultancy for All Import/Export Commodities.

All Ports International Logistics invest in the very latest information technology. Our direct connection to the Australian Border Force (ABF) enables our Brokers to lodge Customs and Quarantine import declarations quickly and efficiently. Our licensed Customs Brokers work diligently to guarantee your compliance as we understand that mistakes with documentation can be extremely costly.

Working directly with the ABF and DAWR, our professional team has all the answers to your Customs and Quarantine related questions. Give our Customs Brokers a call today.